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    15 Stunning Facts About Earth Nobody Told You

    15. The Center of Universe:   Earth Was Once Believed to be the Center of the Universe Although it may not feel like we are moving, Earth is constantly in rotation. The geocentric model was first presented by ancient astronomers, due to the fact that the Sun and other celestial plants seemed to move while […]

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    10 Most Weird Things Sold on Ebay

    Virginity In 2009 an 18 year old Romanian woman Alina successfully auctioned off her virginity for $11,000. She got the idea from a news story she read about a woman named Natalie Dylan who had done the same thing a year earlier for 3.8 million dollars. Elena advertised the cell of her virginity on a […]

  • Stronger Internet Regulations Might Soon Become a Thing in the UK

    In the aftermath of the London attacks where a van killed pedestrians over the London Bridge and the suspects proceeded to stop and stab more people, the Prime Minister of UK, Theresa May, has suggested that there be stronger regulations on the internet. This basically translates to having more control over the flow of information. […]

  • What Your Body Language Reveals About You

    There are around six and a half thousand languages in the world so it’s a wonder that as a specie we manage to talk to each other at all. It can be scary and confusing when you turn up in a foreign country and you can’t even read the signs let alone talk to people. […]

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    7 Teenagers That You Won’t Believe Exist

    We’re so used to being similar to people around us that seeing or knowing someone really different causes a whole range of feelings from disgust or guilt to admiration, and many of these people have something to admire them for. In this article we will tell you about seven teenagers you won’t believe exist. Number […]

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    Top 10 Lesser-Known Facts About Hitler

    Today we are discussing one of the most notorious characters in history. That’s right it’s Adolph Hitler. A lot of people know a little bit about Hitler and his disgusting brand of politics. As well as his own mass persecution. However, we have dug up ten lesser-known facts for you about the dictator, making up […]

  • Top 13 Scariest Abandoned Places in the World

    Scariest abandoned places in the world. Number 13: Doll factory Very little is known about this abandoned doll factory in Spain which only adds to its unsettling and creepy nature. The three-story building seemed to have been ditched mid production decades ago as half made dolls and other equipment are all over the place. An […]

  • Top 10 Cool Gadgets for Under 10 Dollars

    Today, we’re taking a look at 10 cool gadgets, tech you can get for just under ten dollars and as always links to everything will be in the description in the order they’re mentioned. Just keep in mind that there might be a small diference due to change in prices alter after this article. Reversible […]

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