10 Most Dangerous Children in the World

10 Children who became murderers by killing making them dangerous.

Anyone with siblings knows that sibling rivalry is a very real thing. While it can lead to a few scrapes it rarely escalates beyond that. However there are the incredibly rare exceptions to every rule even rarer are the children that kill other children. Here are 10 children who took it too far.

Note: Writing about these incidents made me really sad and uncomfortable. It might make you too. I just wanted to warn you before you continue.


Cristian Fernandez :

In March 2011,12 year old Cristian Fernandez was left alone with his two year old half brother in their Florida home while his mother ran an errand. While she was away Christian brutally beaten baby brother to death. He was charged with first degree murder but was reduced to manslaughter when prosecutors learned of his troubling past 10 years earlier. he and his then 14 year old mother were found wandering the streets naked and alone they were both placed into foster care as his drug addicted grandmother was unable to take care of them. he had also suffered sexual abuse from a cousin and was beaten by a stepfather before the man committed suicide.


Jordan Brown:

In Wampum Pennsylvania 11 year old Jordan Brown lived with his father, his fiancee Kenzie Marie Hoke and her two daughters. Hoke was eight and a half months pregnant with Brown’s (his father) child. On Feb 22, 2009 when she was shot in the back of the head with a 20-gauge youth model shotgun while lying in bed. Hoke and her unborn infant son died as a result of the gunshot. Jordan claimed he shot his soon to be stepmother because he felt jealous having replaced by a new baby. He was release on June 14, 2016 at the age of 17.


Thompson toddlers:

Thomson Toddlers

Houston Texas resident Raquel Thompson and her boyfriend decided they would get a takeaway pizza in November 2015. They decided to leave Thompson’s three young children at home while they were away. The three year old twins put their 18 month old sister in the oven. By the time the mother returned the baby had died due to severe burns. These toddler’s later told police that one child had put their sister in the oven and the other had turned it on and made it hot. No charges have been filed against the children but Thompson and her boyfriend face charges of child endangerment. The twins and the five year old sibling that had been asleep at the time were placed in foster care.


 Erica Di Nardo:

Erika De Nardo and her brother

the DiNardo family lived in a good neighborhood in noble Agoura, Italy and seemed to the world, a happy family. Their two children eleven-year-old Gianluca and 16-year-old Erica got along well or so they thought. Unbeknownst to her family Erica developed a drug problem in a strong hatred for her family which she wrote about in her journal. On the night of February 21St 2001, Erica and her boyfriend hatched a terrible plot while her father was at a soccer game. They murdered her mother and younger brother stabbing them over a hundred times. At first police believe that the murder was the result of a botched robbery but later recorded Erica and her boyfriend talking about their crimes. They were arrested Erica served 16 years in prison and her boyfriend served 14 years.



On June 1st 2004, an 11 year old Japanese schoolgirl known only as “Girl A” due to her age murdered her classmate Satomi Matar I, a 12 year old girl. She was lured into an empty classroom during lunch by Girl-A at their elementary school in Sasebo Japan before she was killed. Girl-A returned to class following the event with her clothes covered in blood. Her teacher found Matar I with slashes on her arms and her throat that had been slit with a utility knife. Girl-A claimed she’d killed Matar I because she commented on her weight. She was institutionalized in September of that year.


 Bever Brothers:

in July 2015 Oklahoma brothers 18 year old Robert and 16 year old Michael Bever killed their siblings and parents. They not only killed them but they were also plotting mass killing spree in order to gain fame as serial-killers. Parents David and April Bever were stabbed to death along with 12-year-old Daniel, 7 year old Christopher and 5 year old Victoria. They nearly killed their 13 year old sister but failed. She later told police that her brothers threatened to behead their two year old sister as well but she was left unharmed and went into foster care. The brothers were charged with five counts of first degree murder and one count of assault and battery with intent to kill.


 Jasmine Richards:

In Medicine Hat, Alberta a twelve year old girl lived with her parents and an eight year old brother. Jasmine Richards had apparently discussed about killing her family with her 23 year old boyfriend Jeremy Stanca several times. She claimed it was always in jest. On April 21, 2016 Stanca to enter the family’s home and killed her mother and father. Richards told a jury that she was in a zombie state at the time of the killings. And she was unable to stop or go for help. She claimed that Stanca ordered her to stab her brother before slitting his throat. They were charged with first degree murder for their crimes.


 Jon Venables and Robert Thompson:


Jon Venables and his friend Robert Thompson were both only 10 years old. They lured two year old James Bulger away from his mother on February 12, 1993. Surveillance footage showed the boys at the New Strand Shopping Centre near Kirkby, England. Observing other children for targeting the little boy. Two days after he disappeared James’s mutilated body was found near Walton Liverpool. He had been tortured and beaten to death before being left on a railway line or even hit by a train in separate into. The two boys were arrested on February 20th and charged with abduction and murder.


 Keith Olick:

Chicago teen Catherine do Luke was 19 years old when he told his mother that he wanted a gun. He claimed it was to protect his four year old sister Sabrina from a relative that was sexually abusing her though this was never proven. His mother told him that he couldn’t have a gun and refused to buy it for him. On March 22nd 2009, he took Sabrina down to the basement and stabbed her in the neck. He told police that she begged him to stop and asked him why he was hurting her. Keith was sentenced to 40 years in prison for killing his sister.

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