10 Most Powerful Armies Of The World

Here is the list of World’s Most Powerful Armies

Here is the List of World’s Most Powerful Armies:

In modern times, countries rely heavily on diplomacy in order to tackle most of their conflicts and try their very best to avoid armed confrontation as it is not only suppressed a great deal but belligerents have a fair bit of idea that latest weaponry and war tactics may lead up to devastation at an unparalleled scale.

Nevertheless, modern-day states still maintain technologically advanced armies in order to look their adversaries right in the eye and to deal with any unfavorable situation aptly. Allied countries also hold joint drills or military exercises to keep their troops up and running.

Below is a list of ten countries of the world which possess the mightiest of armies:

10. Pakistan

Pakistan iranks 10 on he The 10 most powerful armies of the world list
Pakistan ranks ten on he The 10 most powerful armies of the world list



Pakistan’s military budget in 2015 was around $7 billion. Apart from fighting the war against terrorism, the country’s armed forces also face the imminent threat of being attacked by neighbor India which demands the military to be always prepared to tackle aggression.

The country has the third largest nuclear stockpile in the world and also has one of the largest tank fleets along with an army of over six hundred thousand personnel.


9. United Kingdom

United Kingdom army ranks The 10 most powerful armies of the world

Though the UK plans to reduce its military size significantly between 2010 to 2018, its advanced military training system along with a large aircraft fleet secure its place among the best armies of the world.

Its military expenses in 2015 were around $60.5 billion. The United Kingdom also plans to introduce the HMS Queen Elizabeth aircraft carrier in service in 2020. The giant ship will have the capability of carrying 40 F-35Bs.

8. Italy

The 10 most powerful armies of the world

With a military expenditure of over 30 billion US dollars in 2015, Italy has become a force to be reckoned with within the European Union when it comes to military might.

The country has two aircraft carriers in its possession along with the relatively sizeable submarine and helicopter fleets.

7. South Korea

The 10 most powerful armies of the world

In order to ward off the imminent threat imposed by war-frenzy North Korea, South Korea continues to make improvements in its military along with increasing its size and equipping it with the latest weaponry.

The peninsula-nation possess over two thousand tanks and with the help of its aircraft which make it the sixth largest air force on the planet, the country is gradually advancing its armed forces in order to aptly respond to any armed aggression from its neighbor.

6. France

The 10 most powerful armies of the world


France has a total of over two hundred thousand personnel in its army. Though the number might not be an impressive one, the country continues to spend billions on its defense budget on an annual basis and aims to modernize its military in order to effectively counter modern-day threats.

The country also has access to nuclear warheads whereas its regular deployments in various areas of Africa combine to give France an edge over several other European nations.

5. India

The 10 most powerful armies of the world


With over a million active personnel in its military, India is gradually expanding its armed forces to maintain its might in the region against adversaries including China and Pakistan.

India possesses over three thousand functional tanks in its artillery and over a thousand aircraft. The country spent $50 billion on its defense in 2015 and is expected to be ranked among the top-most in the military spenders in the coming years. The country also has the fourth largest nuclear stockpile in the world with almost 110 warheads.

4. Japan

World Top Armies Ranking

Despite having an army which is relatively smaller in size, Japan has equipped its military with the latest weapons and is continuing to progress in the arms race in order to match the might of the Chinese.

With the fourth largest submarine fleet and the fourth largest helicopter fleet, the Japanese armed forces rely on the use of latest technology to effectively keep its regional adversaries at arm’s length. The island-nation also possesses the fifth largest air force fleet and over a hundred warships, making it a force to reckon.

3. China

The 10 most powerful armies of the world

With over two million active personnel in its military and constant advancement in its artillery, China with its massive army continues to exercise its influence in the Asian region against adversaries like India and Japan.

When it comes to military expenditure, China spent $216 billion on its defense in the year 2015, second to the US. The country produces a large number of weapons each year including latest technology ballistic missiles, advanced aircraft and other arms. China possesses the second largest tank fleet and the second largest submarine fleet in the world.

2. Russia

The 10 most powerful armies of the world


Russia is the largest tank force on Earth as the country has over 15 thousand operational tanks in its artillery along with an army of over 7 hundred thousand personnel. Apart from the tanks, Russia has the largest nuclear stockpile in the globe with over 8,000 nukes.

The country spent $84.5 billion on its defense budget in 2015, an amount which is expected to increase in the coming years. Russia is now actively taking part in global affairs as it is playing a major part in wiping out the terrorists present in war-torn Syria by conducting coordinated airstrikes along with the US.

1. The United States of America

The 10 most powerful armies of the world


US spends the most on its military as compared to any other country in the world. In 2015, the country spent $601 billion on its defense primarily as a result of its ongoing offensive in Afghanistan and for battling against the rising terrorist organization – Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) – in the Middle Eastern region.

With the most advanced army in the entire world, United States introduces a wide range of latest weaponry every year which includes fighter jets, aircraft carriers, submarines, navy ships, and ammunition. With almost 1,400,000 active personnel, the United States has the second largest manpower in its military.

Apart from having the second largest nuclear stockpile, US has a serious advantage over all of its adversaries with its 10 aircraft carriers which are constantly on the move as they roam around in international waters giving a tactical advantage over other countries.