10 People who Survived the Impossible

List of 10 people who beat the death and survived the impossible. Their stories will stun you.

Welcome to another most amazing top 10. Have you guys ever wondered what is the most incredible thing someone survives? Okay so getting right into this topic this right here is the top 10 most amazing people who survived the impossible.


  1. Anna Bågenholm

Coming in at number 10 we have Anna Bågenholm and let’s call her ice woman. She was born in 1970 in Vandenberg, Sweden. Well in 1999 she had a skiing accident. It left her trapped underneath the layer of ice for 80 minutes in freezing water. During that time she became a victim of extreme hypothermia and her body decreased the 56.7 degrees Fahrenheit. For a normal person it’s about 98 degrees. So Anna was able to survive because she was able to find an air pocket underneath the ice.

She was just like breathing through it but she suffered from circulatory arrest after 40 minutes of being in the water. So rescue team found her and airlifted her by helicopter to the nearest hospital. A team of 100 doctors and nurses worked in shifts for a period of nine hours to try to save her life. She was in a coma for 10 days and guess what? she woke up. Since the accident, she has made an almost full recovery. The reason why she was able to survive was because her body completely froze before her heart stopped beating. She was literally frozen in time.


  1. Vesna Vulovic

Coming in at number nine we have Vesna Vulovic and let’s call her the flying woman. Vanessa was a stewardess on board flight 367 back in 1972. Her plane went down while flying over East Germany on its route from Stockholm to Belgrade. The plane exploded by Croatia terrorists who planted a bomb on the plane. It broke into two and Vanessa flew right out of the plane so she fell 10160 meters to the ground.

The plane then crashed into a mountain near a village killing everyone leaving her as the sole survivor. She suffered a fractured skull three broken vertebrae. She was temporarily paralyzed from the waist down and also had two broken legs. It not all yet, she went into a coma for 27 days but she was fully recovered from the accident. She was then put into the Guinness World Records books for the highest jump out of an airplane without a parachute and to live to tell the story.


  1. Roy Sullivan:

Moving on Roy Sullivan, let’s call him lightning man and he comes in at number eight. He is a United States park ranger. Roy was hit by lightning on seven different occasions and survived all of them. He was recognized by the Guinness World Record books as the person who has been struck by lightning by more than any other human.

Roy’s first incident was back in 1942 when he lost his big toenail. In 1969, he lost his eyebrows and he was knocked unconscious. He was left with a really bad shoulder scar in 1970 and in 1973 he was struck right in the head. In 1977 his most recent one and his most serious one; it took him to the hospital. This story of Roy Sullivan actually ends on a sad note at the age of 71 years old. He actually took his own life with a gunshot wound.



  1. Truman Duncan:

All right at number 7, we have Truman Duncan and let’s call him miracle half-man. The 38 year old man was working at his job at a railway. He was on the train when he slipped and fell right in front of the train. Duncan was pulled right underneath the train being dragged by the wheels 475 feet and then his body couldn’t take it anymore. He was ran right over and cut right into two. Miraculously enough, he was able to call 911 on his own cell phone. He closed his eyes and just waited for help to come.

He fought to stay alive and when the emergency teams came and put an IV in him, that’s when lights are out for Truman. Anything after that he does not remember. Truman woke up two to three weeks later and realized that he’s still alive. He lost both his legs and his kidney during the time when a coma doctor only gave him one in a million chances of living. He fought all odds undergoing 23 major surgeries and now he lives to share his story. Truman has shared it with ABC and even the Oprah Winfrey Network. Remarkable enough, he went back and he’s working at the same job.


  1. Louis Zamperini :

moving on to Louis Zamperini and let’s call him unbroken. Unbroken is also the movie that came out that was directed by Angelina Jolie. Well that movie was based on a true story and it’s Louis’s life. He was an American prisoner of the war who survived in World War two. He also had Olympic career well. His life took a turn when his plane crashed into the sea. He was able to get him to a raft and just float to sea and was able to reach land. While he was out on the sea for 47 days. He survived many shark attacks. There was a plane that dropped bombs on him. This is like the enemy of the war. He had to jump in the water and avoid being blown up.

On day 47 he found this island but bad luck for him. It was of the enemy; he walked into a Japanese camp that took him prisoner. Well guess what? he was able to survive all that win the war. Louis eventually went on to live a very old age of 97 years old. He has lived the most amazing events in history.


  1. Carlos Rodriguez:

now we have Carlos Rodriguez at number five and let’s call him the man with half a head. He lost a large portion of his brain and skull after flying through his car front window and landing on his head during a serious car accident.

The picture that you guys looked at , everyone thinks that this is fake, this is impossible you know, this is Photoshop. No! this is real and this is the guy’s true story. Doctors were forced to cut away large portions of his head and skull to try to keep this guy alive during the brutal accident that he went through. He is missing a lot of flesh and bone he has fully recovered and amazing enough he’s living a very normal life. Very lucky guy!

The action happened when he was 14 years old. He was on a lot of drugs and decided to go driving. While driving he hit into a pole and went flying right out the front window. He didn’t have a seatbelt on. He was arrested but he spent most of his time at the hospital coming out.


  1. Aaron Ralston

At number for Aaron Ralston or you know what better known as a 127 hours. I know what you guys are thinking; OH My God! I freaking love that movie. Well this is another movie based out of a true story. Aaron was the man behind the movie that was played by James Franco in 2003. In south Eastern Utah, he had an accident where he fell from a cliff when a boulder fell on his right hand keeping him trapped. There he was stuck there for five days which was 127 hours. He resorted to amputating his own arm with a dull knife in order to get himself free. And if you guys go on YouTube right now, his original footage not from the movie footage, Aaron’s video is on YouTube.

You guys can watch the real thing and he even talks about what he had to go through to cut his arm off. It was brutal. Once this guy was free, he was so far from safety he had to rappel down 65 feet and walk for hours to try to find some help. During this time he lost 40 pounds and 25% of the blood but somehow he found the strength to survive. Now he considers himself as reborn.


3. Juliane Koepcke

Survivor Juliane Koepcke, right, writes a note to friends following her return to Lima, Peru, March 19, 1972, after recovering from injuries received in a Christmas Eve plane crash.  Her friend Edith Noeding watches, left.

Moving on at number three we have Juliane Koepcke or let’s call her sole survivor. At the age of 17 years old, she was on a plane in 1950, for the crash into a mountain in Vietnam. The plane crashed after being struck by lightning due to a severe thunderstorm. The plane was Lanza flight 508 and it was en route from Lima Peru to Pucallpa Peru. There were 92 people on board and one of them being her mom. Well Julian was the only survivor who survived a 10,000 feet fall. The whole time she was still Shroff to her seat. She fell to the bottom of the forest and was knocked out for a whole day.

When she woke up she realized that she’s the sole survivor and this is when she knew she needed to find help, try to find a village or something. In the forest she was being eaten alive by bugs and maggots. She had learned something that her father taught her because her mom and dad are actually scientists and she knew to get rid of all these bug bites. She needed to burn them away by getting gasoline and pouring it all over her body but you know what it worked. 11 days later she was safe. Till much later in time investigators found out that her mother actually also survived the crash. But she died in the forest.


  1. Wenseslao Moguel

At no. two, we have Wenseslao Moguel and he is the bullet man. Back on March 18th 1915, he was captured while fighting in the Mexican Revolution war. Without trial, he was sentenced to be executed by a firing squad. A firing squad is a method of capital punishment. It was very common during the war. It’s where a team of people come together get their guns out and when they’re ready they start shooting. They start shooting up vital organs which is usually the head.

When Wenseslao was shot nine times including a final bullet from close distance right to the head because they wanted to make sure that he was dead. But miraculously enough he survived and guess what he was actually able to escape. He went on to live a full life. This famous picture that you guys have been seeing throughout this whole thing it was taken in 1937 in NBC studios 20 years after he was shot. He was talking about his story and after that, he went to the Ripley’s Believe It Or Not Museum. Oh, and he had a song written about him.


  1. Frane Sellak

And finally, at number one spot we have Frane Sellak and let’s call him the world’s luckiest man. Frane is a Croatian music teacher. Back in 1962, Frane was riding a train through a cold rainy Canyon. The train flipped off the tracks and crashed into the river he survived from a broken arm and hypothermia. The next year during his first and only plane ride, he was blown out of a malfunctioning plane door and landed in haystacks. Three years after that he got on a bus that skidded off the road and landed into a river. Frane managed to swim to shore with only cuts and bruises.

In 1970, his car caught on fire he managed to escape before the fuel tank blew up. Three years later the engine of his car was doused with hot oil causing flames to shoot through the vents but he survived. In 1995 he was struck by a bus in Zagreb which is in Croatia but sustained only minor injuries. Moving on to 1996 he was involved with a head-on car collision on a mountain curve which caused him to get ejected from his car. He somehow landed in a tree while his car plummet to the ground 300 feet.

It sounds so unbelievable but he has escaped death seven times making him the world’s luckiest man. It’s almost like a movie but it doesn’t end there. Unbelievably when he turned 73 years old, he won a million dollars from the lottery. This is like the luckiest unlucky guy. So believe it or not but all of these events are true but there you have it out the top ten most amazing people who survived the impossible.