12 Social Changes Showing Us Where The Era of Cutting-Edge Technology Is Headed

You never realized these changes in you created by Cutting-Edge Technology

These 12 images represent the social changes around us, and they answer a question that’s on the mind of many people. Where exactly is the era of cutting-edge technology headed?
These images represent the harsh reality of our society. A society so proud of its achievement in the technology sector. We at Trendzomatic researched and compiled a list of these social changes in us in this era of technology. We’ve also selected appropriate photos to help you understand this better.

We will say that it is 21st-century and it’s amazing! Everyone is lucky to be at this time. The World is considered at its best time by revolutionizing the field of technology in this era. But have you ever realized that in the race of advancement and technology where are we directed? Have you ever thought about social changes that this advance tech brought? Have compared your life to your life a decade ago? You might don’t had time for that. And what is the need to do so? That’s what a typical person will think. But let’s see what have we achieved on our way to advancing technology.

1. Lots of Human; Less Humanity:

We have become so indulged in technology and its comforts that we forgot our human fellas. There has been an increase in extremism and extremist activities all around the world. A report by SPLC says that extreme groups have been increasing abundantly for last decade. In this era of cutting-edge technology, when humanity needs us the most, we are getting away from it. The world has biggest ever population but, we have so less humanity left in us. Hate is spreading everywhere. Even our elections have become the victim of hate in this era of technology.

2. Touched Moon; Neighbors Unknown:

We have touched the moon and uncovered galaxies. We even found water on Mars with this cutting edge technology but we are in an era where we have stopped giving importance to our society. A research by PewResearchCentre indicates that most people don’t trust their neighbor. This was not the fact back in 90’s. Don’t trust me? Ask the millenials.

3. Costly Watches But No Time:

Wow! Apple just released the water-resistant smart watch. We got costly watches enhanced with the best technology, but in the scenario, we have to think that we don’t have time for anyone. You can compare people of the first world countries who are ahead in advance technology with third world countries and will know that it have taken us to the so far that we don;t have time for anyone.

4. More Income; Less Peace Of Mind:



The world is having so many rich people. Have you ever thought that more money they have, more they have to worry about it?

5. More Knowledge; Less Wisdom:

We got the most advanced education. Technology has brought digital libraries in our pockets. Today we have so much knowledge, but we are losing wisdom. We know things but are not wise enough to think about it. For example, We made plastics good, created designs from it and utilizing them, knowingly that they are hazardous to the environment.

6. More Degrees; Less Common Sense:

Today we have so many graduates but do you think all of them have common sense? We are losing it every day.

7. Advanced Medicine; Poor Health:

In this era, we are having so advanced medicine with the cutting-edge technology involved. But this is also a fact today that we have more poor health cases.

8. More Alcohol; Less Water:

Dear proud earthlings! You need to think that despite having the moderate technology we have the world problem of unclean water. We can get Alcohol cheaper than water. According to water.org 1 in every 10 people don’t have access to safe water.Think where is this technology leading us?

9. Multiple Affairs; No True Love:

According to an NBC survey, there have been many people cheating their loved ones. Today our advanced tech is the main reason, which we got Tinder and other dating sites which are making it, even more, ease.

10. High IQ, fewer Emotions:

high iq
We are in an era where people spend more time on social media than with people we love. We may have best emotions, but this advance era of  cutting-edge technology is fading our feelings.

11. More Virtual Friends; Less Real Friends:

Recalling the fact that we spend more time on social media, we are having more virtual friends and less real friends. This is leading us to become more introvert in reality.


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