6 Effective Ways Of Proposing To The Girl You Love

If you’re in love with a girl and would like to propose to her, follow these tips.

This is the 21st century where unrequited love is frowned upon and is no longer romanticized. Where casual relationships are the norm and people are free to engage in relationships with anyone given that the will to enter a relationship is mutual. Despite the freedom, the fear of rejection often keeps men from proposing to the women they love. If you’re one of those people then we’re here to help you. These are the most effective ways of proposing to the girl you love.

The key is to be genuinely interested in her because once your intentions are pure, your actions would appear natural and you would have a better chance of having your proposal accepted. Proposing a girl is not an easy task, as some people say. This is one of those moments where a woman has to consider her life with you and making this decision would not be as easy for her as it is for you. You have to let her know through your intentions that she is making the right decision and you would stand by her side no matter what.

6) Give the girl hints about your intentions.girl love intentions

Before we help you with your mission of proposing to the girl, we must tell you that the key is to be yourself and you have to be open enough with the girl to be able to give her explicit hints about your intentions. Let her know how special she is for you and how you would like to spend the rest of your life with her. Let her know that you’re the right person for her. Keep in mind that she would have to make a very strong decision and you have to make it easy for her. You have to ensure that she knows she’s making the right decision.

Occasionally drop hints. Make her feel like she’s the most special person in your life. Once she develops a comfort zone with you, she would not hesitate to accept your proposal because by then she would be looking forward to a life of happiness. Occasionally, tell her that you love her and you respect her as an individual.

5) Ask the girl out on a special day.girl special day propose

For this to work, you would have to learn about her life in detail. You would have to unleash the stalker in you to learn about her birthday or any other events worth celebrating in her life if you want to continue you mission of proposing to the girl you like. If you’re friends with her on Facebook then it will be easy for you to keep track of what’s going on in her life and if you’re not friends with her on Facebook then you can always take a mutual friend in confidence and seek their help.

These special days are not only limited to days that are linked to her. You can ask her out on Valentines Day or any cultural event where you think it would be appropriate to propose the girl you wish to spend your life with. However, birthdays and Valentines Day are the preferred choice. Once you’re certain about the special day, take her out for lunch.

4) Take the girl to a classy restaurant.classy restaurant proposal

You don’t have to take her to an expensive restaurant or cafe for this work. You just have to take her someplace quiet where both of you are at ease. Make sure the place isn’t loud because that would make it harder for both of you to communicate and would only increase the tension between you guys. The environment has to be in your favor if you want your efforts of proposing the girl to be effective.

The place you choose should not be too crowded either because if it’s too crowded then she might feel awkward when you would finally propose to her. Also, make sure that the food is to her liking. If she doesn’t enjoy herself, you’re bound to be rejected. So, do your research and select a good place for you guys to go out.

3) Keep the focus of the conversation on the girl.conversation girl focus

This is very important for proposing to the girl you love. Keep the focus of the whole conversation on her. Don’t talk too much about yourself because this would make things awkward between you two. You don’t want her to think that you’re too self-absorbed. Do you? Ask her about her day, her friends, some important events of her life. Let her talk. You want her to think that you’re a good listener and are actually interested in hearing her out.

Keep one thing in mind. Don’t talk ill of her friends. Women are protective of their friends and don’t like to hear anything negative about them. You don’t want to mess with her friends because they’re the ones who give her relationship advice and for her to accept your proposal, you would have to get approved by her friends first.

2) Compliment her appearance.girl appearance compliment

This is one of the most important points. Look at it this way. She took time to dress up and worked hard to look good. You should appreciate her because who else would she expect it from if not from you since you’re the one who asked her out in the first place.

It is your rightful duty to compliment her. She dressed up for the dinner and if you don’t compliment her on it, you’re giving her the message that you don’t appreciate her efforts. Do it elegantly because you’re there for proposing to the girl of your dreams and not to make her feel awkward.

Tell her how beautiful she is and how stunning she looks. Compliment her smile. Say something poetic about her eyes. Women love it.

1) Finally, proceed with proposing to the girl.proposing to the girl

Since you’ve made it this far, this is your moment and you deserve it. This is the time of your life and you have to seize it. You’ve worked hard for this moment and now that it’s in front of you, give it your best. Use proper words to create the right environment and in the good old way ask her to close her eyes. Once her eyes are closed, tell her that you love her. Either go down on one knee and ask her to open her eyes or simply hold the ring in front of her and then ask her to open her eyes. This the art of proposing to the girl you love.

This will warm her heart towards you and you will have better chances of having your proposal accepted.