6 Times The World Almost Got Close To A Nuclear War

6 Crucial Times of World when it nearly got Nuclear War

6 Times when World Almost got World Nuclear War

Ever since the advent of nuclear weapons, the world is becoming more and more unsafe by each passing day thanks to the countries who wouldn’t stop adding more nukes to their nuclear stockpiles. Those who’ve lived through World War 2 know how dangerous nuclear weapons are. Back then one single bomb was enough to destroy a city and now that technology has evolved, the bombs nuclear power states have are enough to destroy the whole world.

Not only would these bombs cause damage to their targets but the whole world would suffer if a nuclear war happened. The radiation itself would cause environmental changes which would also affect the production of crops. This is how serious the threat of a nuclear war is. The whole world would suffer because of the ego of a few nations. Here’s a list of the times we almost got close to a nuclear war.

November 1961:

What happened was that the radar technology the USA installed in the 1950’s to detect Russian nuclear attack suddenly lost contact with SAC (Strategic Air Command) and NORAD which raised speculations. To the horror of SAC, they found out that they’d lost phone connection with NORAD as well and they became certain that there was going to be an attack.

The bomber crews got ready to launch a strike on Russia but through a twist of fate, they somehow got in contact with a watchman fleet of B-52s who calmed them down by telling them that what they’d been wronged. Eventually, they discovered that the wired connection that connected these systems had been damaged because of overheating sending the military into a frenzy.

October 1962:

Almost a year after last year’s events, and when the USA was more paranoid about the possibility of a nuclear war, an interesting thing happened. The Duluth Sector Detection Center’s guard saw a figure emerge from the shadows and to alert everyone else, he activated the alarm. In a domino effect, the alarm also activated alarms of other bases. However, at Volk Filed, Wisconsin, instead of the sabotage alarm, the war alarm got activated. The alarm that was supposed to alert people if a nuclear war broke out pushed the armed forces into action.

The USA almost sent their F-106A squadron armed with nuclear weapons to launch an attack. The attack was stopped when a car intercepted the planes at the runway and informed them of the false alarm. What really happened was that the technician had made a mistake with the wiring of the alarm systems.

November 1979:

Just like the last three events, this too happened during the winter. What happened here was that Russia and USA were fighting proxy wars with each other in Afghanistan, South America and Southern Africa and during this time on one fine morning of November, the SAC, Pentagon and NOMAD were shocked to see a launch pattern of Soviet nuclear assault on their screens. They were certain that they were under attack.

They were certain that they were under attack. They alerted the crew and the whole military command was ready to launch an attack against the Soviets. This time, the planes were launched and were only stopped when the military command realized that someone had accidentally loaded a tape into the system that contained the attack simulation.

June 1980:

In June of 1980, NOMAD’s systems observed that 2 missiles had been launched against them and the number then gradually increased to 200. Honestly though, this would’ve been the scariest thing to witness.

The armed forces were alerted and the president was informed. Just like the last time, planes were launched but the false alarm was soon discovered. Later on they found out that the chip that powered the system had failed.

September 1983:

3 years after the events of June 1980, in the September of 1983, the world came almost close to a nuclear war between the two rival nations. This time, it was the Soviet Union who made the mistake. The soviets had developed a new radar system which was known for its accuracy and depended on a number of satellites. The system detected a few missiles being launched against the Soviets. Stanislav Petrov was now responsible for deciding how to respond to the attack.

He used his wisdom and decided that if USA really wanted a nuclear war, they wouldn’t have attacked with just a few missiles. His wisdom eventually saved the nations from a nuclear war. They later discovered that nature played a trick on them. The Russian satellites, the nuclear missiles of USA and the Sun aligned and triggered the false alarm.

January 1995:

This one happened after the dissolution of the Soviet Union. When a team of American and Norwegian scientists launched a rocket to study the Northern Lights, to the Russian radars it appeared as a nuclear missile which the Americans had. Because it followed the same trajectory as the missile, they were certain that they were under attack. The military command had approximately 10 minutes to decide what to do.

During these 10 minutes, the system that directly connected the president with his top military advisors was activated and the country went into combat mode. Things cooled down when the Russian Defense Ministry informed them that it was rocket meant to study the Northern Lights. Apparently, Norway had informed a lot of countries beforehand and Russia was one of them.


We will forever be grateful that sanity prevailed and a nuclear war was avoided.