7 Teenagers That You Won’t Believe Exist

Here’s a list of 7 teenagers that you won’t believe exist.

We’re so used to being similar to people around us that seeing or knowing someone really different causes a whole range of feelings from disgust or guilt to admiration, and many of these people have something to admire them for. In this article we will tell you about seven teenagers you won’t believe exist.

Number One: Zara Hartshorn

How old do you think this woman is? Fifty? Sixty? Now that I have your attention, this is a 16 year old girl and while you’re trying to lift your jaw from the floor, I’ll give you some more details. Zara Hartshorn from England suffers from a rare genetic condition, ­lipodystrophy, that makes her skin look wrinkled and old. She was often bullied at school for her appearance and people who didn’t know her would sometimes think she’s a school teacher. She recently underwent a face lifting operation and now looks much younger.


Number Two: Elisany da Cruz Silva

She is the tallest teenage girl in the world. The girl lives in Brazil and has a form of gigantism because of a tumor on a pituitary gland which regulates growth. doctors have since removed the tumor but still at 17, she measures an unbelievable six foot and eight inches and has to bend down to plant a kiss on a 5 foot 4 boyfriend of 22 but a 1 foot 6 inch height difference is nothing for true love.


Number Three: Fu Wengui

We first saw pictures of foo when he, a 15 year old boy who lives in Beijing, China, first appeared on the Internet. They made a huge splash during his first visit to the hospital accompanied by his father. The boy was immediately told something was wrong with him. He complained of backache and neck pain and for good reason. He has 10 next vertebrae instead of the normal 7. At the age of 6, he was diagnosed with scoliosis and chest development abnormalities but afterwards the boy grew without any special attention to his health condition from the part of the adults. As years went by his vertebrae that grew exceptionally long and started to look quite weird. It also causes him agonizing pain. Fortunately, he’s soon going to undergo an operation and have the extra vertebrae removed.


Number Four: Ali Hassan

This teenager from India looks like an ancient man but is in fact just 14 years old. The unusual condition that turned the boy into an old man has already taken the lives of his brothers and sisters. Ali and his family members suffer from a rare genetic disease known as progeria. This disease manifests itself through a number of pathological transformations. Characteristics are ageing starting from a very young age. Most patients with this diagnosis die before they turn 15 so did Ali’s siblings and now the boy can only hope that researchers will find a way to treat his condition before it’s too late.


Number Five: Julia Vins

The muscle Barbie as Julia is commonly referred to may be even more popular in the Western world than in her native land Russia. Fans from the USA and Australia actively share her inspiring pictures throughout the internet. According to Julia she first went to the gym at the age of 15 to feel more confident. The muscles of this weightlifter with a doll’s face are a reason of envy for men and women from all over the world. She has recently become an international champion.


Number Six: Deepak Jangra

Deepak Jangra is another unusual teenager from India. He consolidates passing through his body. This is the amount of electricity roughly equal to what is needed to provide power for a 500 apartment block. I repeat, 500 houses. If you’re still not impressed I’m not sure what can impress you at all.


Number Seven: Lola and Claire Hartley

Lola and Claire Hartley. These sisters are 9 and 14 years old but they easily fit on their mother’s lap since their total weight is not more than 19 kilos and their height is 5 feet. The girls were born with a genetic condition called microcephaly. This disease is characterized by significantly smaller than or all sizes of skull and brain with serious mental handicap. In the case of Lola and Claire this disease comes together with dwarfism, making them look and in most cases behave like small children for the rest of their days.