Biggest Creatures That Really Exist

Here’s a list of biggest creatures that really exist.

Abnormally large animals that are actually real.


Biggest Dog

Zeus was a massive Great Dane who weighed at his most 155 pounds and a towering height giving this dog the title of tallest dog ever. This pooch would eat around 12 cups of food a day. Unfortunately Zeus passed away almost 6 years old which is just under average for the lifespan of this breed.


Biggest Rabbit

Greedy eater Darius can eat his way through 360 carrots 30 apples and 15 cabbages a month costing his owners 2,400 pounds a year at about six years old. Darius holds the current title of biggest rabbit in the world at 50 pounds and measuring 4 feet and 4 inches long.


Biggest House Cat

Ludo the Maine Coon was discovered to be the chunkiest of his litter when Kelsey and Matthew Gill of West Yorkshire decided to adopt him. Ludo now being a whopping 24 and a half pounds and 45 inches long at only seventeen months old is set to continue his growth in size.


Tallest Horse

11 year old Big Jake holds the record for largest horse in the world weighing in at about 2,600 pounds stands at 210 point 2 centimeters tall and resides at Michigan’s smokey hollow farm run by Jerry Gilbert.


Tallest Cow

Munching through one-and-a-half bales of hay and 40 quarts of oats in a single day is the tallest cow. Blossom, a 13 year old cow living happily on a farm in Orangeville Illinois measures an unusual height 6 feet 4 inches and 2,000 pounds. She was saved from slaughter by Patti Hansen when it was discovered that Blossom could not bear any cabs of her own. She is the official greeter of Patty’s farm.


Biggest Stingray

A giant 14-foot 800-pound stingray was discovered as biggest freshwater fish ever caught with a line and rod. It took nearly two hours to reel it in by American wildlife and nature conservationists. Jeff Corwin in the Mae Klong River in Thailand up until March of this year, the Mekong giant catfish weighing in at 660 pounds was the biggest known freshwater fish.


Biggest Wildcat

The incredibly majestic Ligar, the product of a male lion and a tigress named Hercules, has been crowned the largest wild cat ever weighing in at an impressive 922 pounds and 131 inches long. When Hercules stands up on his hind legs, he’s twice as tall as the average human male. This giant feline lives at the Myrtle Beach safari wildlife preserve in South Carolina.


Biggest Crab

The Japanese spider crab has the largest leg span of all. It was first discovered in 1836 by Jacob Tim Inc.


Biggest Spider

If you hated spiders before, you’ll find it hard to sleep even more. This Goliath bird-eating spider is the world’s largest known spider and was found by members of the Pablo San Martin expedition. A trio cabro Venezuela in April of nineteen sixty-five, its leg span is recorded as 28 meters for 11 inches long.


Longest Snake

Medusa, a reticulated python, measures 25 feet 2 inches long and lives in the captivity of full moon productions in Kansas City, Missouri. Medusa is eight years old and weighs a massive 350 pounds and lives out her days in a haunted house attraction called the edge of hell as a star attraction. Her diet consists of rabbits hogs and deer every two weeks.