The Dapper Dressing

One’s dressing is an expression of personality. It can reveal obvious traits, like the satori and sense, or the wild freedoms, in the wearer. Whatever style one chooses, be it formal chic or skater dude, it should be handled with poise and care. Moreover, our dressing affects our self-image, as well as nuanced impressions we make on others. Let me be candid and explain the importance of dressing: a well dressed man is one who recognizes what colors, cuts, and shapes complement him – he is a man who knows what he wants. He has self-awareness, which means his is not a thoughtless or shallow kind. He controls where others’ attention goes. I once read of a lawyer who was said to only wear his red tie when he knew his client was guilty, because he fancies himself dancing with a bull in those court cases. Even if that was entirely untrue, it does make an impression of a wry wit expressed without words. The gift of gab in your garb.

If that doesn’t sell you, then please think of it this way: the finer sex appreciates the finely dressed. Let us begin.

Is it Suitable?

Far too many times have I seen my fellow man wear shirts that were akin to togas. Please do not make it look like you picked out the first thing you saw on a hanger in some basement store. Let the shirt flow on you. Its shoulders should match up with yours, its shape should highlight the shape of your torso into a V, and it would do well if it fell over your back in a way to make your shoulder blades prominent. Do not measure in S, M, L, and XL, but in collar sizes. A white shirt is timeless, and all the more impressive if you get through the day without marking it, but hold in your closet as well a blue, a black and a steel gray.

Tie It Together 

Now, don’t imagine a tie is a simple string you’ll manipulate into a triangle. On the occasions you add a tie to your dressing of the day, the look and knot changes the effect. Polyester ties, the lowest of the lot, are actually decent for a blue collar job. They have durability and a roughness that makes it unchanging through the day. But, of course, dressing is for the effect. The softer and silk ones, on the other hand, project subtle confidence. The pattern, plain and solid for any occasion, striped for business, dotted or checkered for casual, and floral design for the important events. This, admittedly, is dependent on the rest of your dressing. The style of your shirt, pocket square and scarf, but the basics should help you get started and develop an eye.

Accessories Must Be Gentle 

There’s all these tiny things that will enhance your dressing. A lapel pin, a pair of cufflinks, a watch, a pocket square, a scarf, a belt, and so on – these all push your look to next level. A gentle coordination or splash of color can take you from fashionable to trend setter, to someone that understands the rules of dressing and transcends them. Even in them, a pocket square held in the umimposing flat shape, or the flowing, multipeak triangles, produce different essences onto you. Your basic tips of dressing, of course, are to match your belt to your shoes, let your pocket square complement your shirt or tie more than match it, and, just saying, it’s not only women who should be crazy about shoe closets.