Top 10 Cool Gadgets for Under 10 Dollars

Here’s a list of top 10 cool gadgets for under 10 dollars.

Today, we’re taking a look at 10 cool gadgets, tech you can get for just under ten dollars and as always links to everything will be in the description in the order they’re mentioned. Just keep in mind that there might be a small diference due to change in prices alter after this article.

Reversible Charger

So, first off all, we have the reversible charger for eight bucks. I have two of these and they are pretty darn awesome. This thing charges both iOS and Android devices all with one charger if it has either a lightning or micro USB port. The cord is made of braided nylon to give it extra durability and is compatible with things like Qualcomm Quick Charge and Samsung Fast Charging. You might be wondering is this even safe to use and I can confirm that it definitely is. I tested it on an iPhone 7 and Note 5 and everything worked out perfectly well. It charged everything at the exact same speed as the charger that came with the phones. The only real downside to this is that if someone asks for your charger, no matter what phone it is, you don’t really have a reason to say no. Well, actually they probably won’t even be able to tell.

The Phantom Keystroke

Next is a really fun one. The Phantom Keystroke for $9.99 in US store ( $39 in Canada). This thing makes for a great tech prank after plugging it into the victims USB port this thing will randomly simulate mouse movements, turn caps lock on and off and type out hilarious random texts and phrases. It even has dials on the side of it so you can customize how often each thing occurs. This is the perfect thing to use on your friend who has a 10-page essay due tomorrow. Stop by and tell them you’re going to the restroom. Sneak into the room, plug this in and laugh your butt off as they get mad. No matter how you use this it’s sure to lead to some funny moments.

Metallic Cell Phone Stand

Third up, we have the metallic desktop cell phone stand for nine bucks. This stand is made from a solid aluminum. Works with cases and can hold anything from an iPod up to an iPad which would be anything in between the 3.5 to 10.1 inch zone. It comes in four colors to match your phone including black, silver, gray and rose gold. This stand also features silicone pads on the holder to prevent any scratching and to hold your device in place. The pads on the bottom to prevent this thing from sliding around. The holder part also has a slightly adjustable viewing angle that can go anywhere from 40 to 45 degrees.

Wireless Charger

Next up is the QI enabled wireless charger for $9.99. Wireless chargers are great but sadly not all phones support it. Many newer Android phones do and there are no iPhones that use this. All you have to do is plug the charging base in via micro USB and plop your phone down onto it whenever you’re running low on juice. This wireless charger features non-slip padding on the top and bottom and a blue breathing LED and by breathing it means that the light softly from nothing to blue from nothing to blue from nothing to blue over.

LED Gaming Mouse

Next is the seven color LED gaming mouse for once again $9.99. This wired mouse has a DPI of 2400 which I found out. A lot of people don’t know what that even means. DPI stands for dots per inch. The higher the DPI the farther the mouse moves across your screen when you move the mouse. I think we can all agree that this mouse looks absolutely awesome and those LEDs are only icing on the cake. They cycle through seven different colors but sadly you can’t change the speed at which they switch or have it stay on one color but hey it’s under 10 bucks.

Magnetic Desktop Sculpture

Sixth is something a bit more unusual. It’s the magnetic desktop sculpture. Would you look at that? It’s just for $9.99. This thing is really cool. On the base is one big magnet and it comes with a hundred and sixty different sized balls that can be arranged in any way since magnetism is delivered through metal. As long as the ball is touching another ball you’re good to go. This would make for a really cool desk decoration but on the listing it says that it’s made for intelligence development and stress relief and I don’t really know how playing with a bunch of little balls will develop your intelligence but I could definitely see the stress relief side. Either way, at least it looks really cool.

Roll Up Keyboard

In the seventh spot we have a roll up keyboard for nine dollars and sixty nine cents. The actual price is like eight bucks but it looks like they did something where they disguise some of the price as a mandatory shipping fee. It’s like an infomercial. Anyway, this features a hundred and five keys. Is made of silicon and connects to your computer via USB just like almost every other keyboard. The build is one of the main features of this keyboard. It’s an indestructible lightweight keyboard that you can fold up and take anywhere.

Smartphone Lens Kit

Now up is the universal three in one smartphone lens kit for $9.97. Lens kits for smartphones are pretty cool. The results aren’t going to have your mouth hanging open but they can introduce some pretty cool effects to your photos and videos. This set in particular comes with three lenses that work on any phone. These include a macro lens for closeup shots a fish eye. lens for those classic fish eye effects and a wide-angle lens for getting more things into the picture. These work on both back and front facing cameras and are super easy to use. Just put the clip on your device and then pop the lens into place and spin it to secure it.

Compact Stand for Apple Watch

Now up is the compact stand for the Apple Watch for eight bucks. Unless of course you want any other color than black because for some reason blue, green, and red versions all costs 12 or 14 bucks. This thing can turn your Apple Watch into a little alarm clock type thingy. It charges your watch and has some nice cable management built-in. This stand is compatible with 38 and 42 millimeter versions as well as both series one and two Apple Watches.

Ergo Fit Earbuds

Finally in the tenth spot we have the Ergo Fit earbuds for $9.40. These in-ear earbuds provide great sound for the price and come in about a bazillion colors. These are some great lightweight ear pods for anyone looking to spend only a little bit for some decent audio quality. They have a crazy amount of glowing reviews packed into the listing page on Amazon.

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